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    • 09/06/2019
    • 11/15/2019

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    • 09/26/2019
    • 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Merket Alumni Center

    Guest Speaker

    Andy Masters

    Andy Masters, MA, CSP is an award-winning author and international speaker who has presented 1,000+ programs to over 100,000+ attendees across North America--including as the keynote speaker for over 50+ SHRM Conferences & HR events. He also served as keynote speaker for the National Institute for Staff & Organizational Development Conference with over 1,400+ attendees in Austin, TX. Andy has earned the prestigious CSP award of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the highest international recognition for professional speakers, achieved by less than 10% of the 5,000+ speakers worldwide.

    Andy has written 5 books and earned 4 degrees, including an M.A.-Human Resources Development and an M.A.-Marketing from Webster University in Missouri. He is the author of the award-winning book "Kiss Your Customer: 77 Reasons Why Sales & Service Are Just Like Dating & Relationships" and his latest book “Things LEADERS Say: A Daily Guide to Help Every Leader Empower & Inspire.” Andy has been featured on the LifeTime Television network, PBS, Investor’s Business Daily, and Leadership Excellence magazine. His website is


       Program Details: 

    Part 1: HR Leadership Lessons From H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D!

        Award-winning author and Leadership expert Andy Masters creatively uses the magical imagery of Hollywood to help HR leaders DEVELOP and EMPOWER their organizations—while defeating succession planning crisis--in this challenging era of having to “Do More With Less”. That’s right, LEARN and be ENTERTAINED from actual license-protected scenes from movies such as The Devil Wears Prada, The Iron Lady, Apollo 13—and even Frozen and Star Wars! This unique program also cites the latest research from Harvard Business Review, Deloitte, and Glassdoor to provoke REAL organizational change from every HR leader. Powerful leadership principles are based on Andy’s latest book “Things LEADERS Say: A Daily Guide to Help Every Leader Empower & Inspire.” Andy’s interactive program provides attendees with not only a memorable multi-media experience, but also with immediate “take-home” value to help HR develop millennials and future leaders in today’s new economy.

    "Andy Masters' keynote captured the audience with his ENERGY, his approachability, and his candor. Participants were engaged in every second of his high energy, focused message. The audience left not only inspired, but with techniques to achieve it. My only wish is that we would have had more time with him! FABULOUS way to conclude our great Conference!" - Becky Musil, Associate Director, National Institute for Staff & Organizational Development (NISOD), after Andy's NISOD Conference closing keynote with over 1,400+ attendees in Austin (TX)

    Part 2: Your Employees (and Candidates) Are On Drugs

    This eye-opening, must-see program for all levels of HR leadership is presented by Award-winning author and international SHRM/HR keynote speaker Andy Masters, MA, CSP. This shocking program uncovers the nearly $1 Billion dollar fake "synthetic" urine industry, and it’s damaging impact on every organization during our tragic U.S. opioid crisis. Research proves the staggering time and cost impact from workplace drug usage on employee productivity, and precedent has now been set for legal liability against the vast majority of U.S. organizations which have not effectively screened employees and candidates. Most importantly, this program outlines the simple, yet critical action steps HR departments must implement to stop the cheating immediately–in order to hire qualified applicants, improve employee productivity, improve workplace safety, and lessen the dangerous legal liability for their organization. The impact of this program may not only save entire organizations from legal crises, but can also help prevent yet another drug-related workforce tragedy in our country. 

     View Video Here


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    • 10/24/2019
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Merket Alumni Center

    Guest Speaker: Jake Melton

    Jake Melton is an engaging and moving keynote speaker, author, Forbe’s featured coach, and a respected leadership and influence expert.  He is a proud voice and advocate for mental health and Tourette Syndrome.

    Jake’s background is in organizational psychology and he has worked on leadership development and change management initiatives alongside CEO’s, stakeholders, executives, and entrepreneurs.  He has a keen ability to understand the modern workforce and what is needed to succeed as an organization today and build the leaders of today and tomorrow.

    Jake is author of the book “Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness:  Cut the Crap” and is a top voice among LinkedIn and other professional communities.  He has given hundreds of presentations and has spoken at conferences, conventions, trainings and other corporate and business events.

    While Jake does love speaking, guiding and working with leaders, and inspiring others to simplify their lives, he loves his wife and two children more.  They live in Dallas, Texas. 

       Program Details: The Trillion Dollar Workplace Crisis

    Mental health and wellness defined:

    • What is mental health and wellness. 
    • Why does it matter to me and why is it so important?  
    • Overcoming the stigma (assumptions, stereotypes, bullying, etc.) 
    Mental health in our personal and professional lives:
    • The profound effects mental health and wellness has on productivity, effectiveness, relationships, performance, focus, and happiness in and out of the workplace. 
    How we can improve our state of mental health (5 E's):
    • Evaluate (what is causing the stress, anxiety, worry, fear, concern, overwhelm). 
    • Eliminate (distractions, toxic relationships, bad habits, poor decisions, unethical practices, wasted time). 
    • Encourage (be there for our employees and co-workers). Exercise, diet, and sleep. 
    • Educate (understand how to recognize when a co-worker, employee, friend, or family member might be dealing with mental health and illness). 
    Workplace Application:
    • As a leader, learn how to support and lift those who suffer with mental health challenges in the workplace so they can reach their full potential.

    SHRM Recertification Credit: Pending


    The use of this seal is not an endorsement by HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. It means that this program has met HR Certification Institute's criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit. 

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    • 10/27/2019
    • 10/30/2019
    • Fort Worth Convention Center

    The HRSouthwest Conference (HRSWC) invites you to be part of the largest regional educational and networking event for human resource professionals. HRSWC is organized by DallasHR, the Dallas-based SHRM Affiliate Chapter, and has been designated as the official State of Texas SHRM Conference hosting more than 2500 attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors annually. Join us in Fort Worth, TX for this can’t miss event!

    • 11/14/2019
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Merket Alumni Center

    Guest Speaker: Raymond Richardson

    1. PROFESSIONAL INVOLVEMENT (Career Path & Business Accomplishments)

    Raymond Richardson serves as Vice President for University Advancement at Lubbock Christian University. His responsibilities include developing relationships and resources for the betterment of the university. Prior to his current appointment, he served as Senior Director of Development for the Lubbock Christian University Foundation, Executive Director for a leadership center, and spent twelve years as a vice president of Human Resources and Operations in the banking industry.

    Raymond is married to Laci Richardson. Laci is a Certified Public Account (C.P.A.) and teaches accounting at the Lubbock Christian University School of Business. They have two kids, Leah (14) and Ryan (10), who both attend Lubbock Christian School.


    Lubbock Chapter of the SHRM – Society for Human Resource Mngt (2006 – 2012)

    Lubbock Chapter SHRM Board Member (Legislative Chair) (2010 – 2011)

    National Member of the SHRM – Society for Human Resource Mngt (2006 – 2012)

    Bank Operations Institute Certification at Southern Methodist University (2008 – 2010)

    Leadership Summit – Abilene Christian University (2012 – 2013)

    Spirit Ranch Board Member (2010 – 2014)

    Trustee of the National College Baseball Hall of Fame (2006 – 2015)

    Chairman of the National College Baseball Hall of Fame (2009 – 2012)

    Lubbock H.Y.P.E. Board Member (2015-2018)

    Lifetime Alumni Member at Sul Ross State University (2002 – Current)

    Sul Ross State University Alumni Association – Board Member (2009 – 2014)


    Kerrville Tivy High School

    Sul Ross State University – Bachelor of Business Administration (2001)

    Lubbock Christian University – Master of Science in Leadership (2017) 


       Program Details:

    The workplace can be a hard place at times.  Human Resource employees often carry the heaviness of the workplace because their role is to care for the company’s greatest asset, its people.  This is an amazing responsibility and one that can be difficult at times. Often, HR specialists may be so concerned about the employees of the company that they neglect the care, health, and well-being of themselves.  During our time together we will look for warning signs and the threat of when the problems and issues get stacked so high that we are completely buried beneath them.

    As we look to better recognize our care and well-being in the workplace, what do we do next?  As an HR specialist, even when you can see things are becoming overwhelming, how do you manage through that process?  We will look at the cycle of knowing how some things in our lives need to come to an end. As humans we like to hang on to processes, projects, and even employees regardless if they have a negative impact on our lives or even the company because we can’t image life without them.  Endings are critical to new beginnings so we will look at the necessity of evaluating our surroundings and knowing when things should come to a successful ending.

    Last, is Corporate America overworked?  We live in the fastest and highest demand work culture in the world.  Would it make sense in today’s workplace to set aside time for employees to rest, refocus, and reenergize?  What would that look like for your company? Is a Corporate Sabbatical Policy something you should consider bringing before your management team?  


    SHRM Recertification Credit: Pending


    The use of this seal is not an endorsement by HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. It means that this program has met HR Certification Institute's criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit. 

     HRCI Recertification Credit: Pending 























    • 12/05/2019
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • TTU Merket Center

    Please join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of 2019 and prepare for an exceptional 2020!

        You don't want to miss the induction of our new Board of directors, the presentation of awards, and our annual Silent Auction!   































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